Mac Rome

I was born in the Allegheny foothills. I traveled from place to place within the Great Lakes region of the United States as his father moved from job to job. The only friends who stayed with me were the characters he knew from TV, books and comic books.

As I got older, I began to realize I love telling stories. Script format was a natural for me; after all, I’d read play scripts, and comic books are essentially storyboards in the same style as TV and movie scripts. So the first stories I told for publication or public release were plays and for local TV. The play scripts drew enough attention that they led to several nonfiction pieces in national and regional magazines, which in turn led to telling news stories as a print journalist. While I’ve worked all sorts of day jobs, I’ve been in journalism (under a different name) for more than a decade.

Through it all, there were other stories, fictional stories, I yearned to tell. Lucky/blessed enough to find the love of a good woman, I realized the common thread in my stories had was love. In most it was romantic love, but there were others that hinged on parental love, and still others on what happens to people when they lack love in their lives.

Taking part in writers groups led to an offer to write comic books. But there were some stories I wanted to tell that didn’t fit the genre. They are the stories that are becoming my books.

My stories tend to be in the fantasy-romance or science-fiction-romance genre. I’ve referred to many of them as magic realism or urban fantasy; some defy easy categorization.

I’m fascinated by seeing how characters respond to physical changes in fantasy/science fiction contexts. So much of our identities stem from our physical selves. When a physical relationship changes, it impacts who we are. Ask anyone who’s lost a lot of weight, or is in a relationship with someone who has. I believe love is about how we deal with change. Real love doesn’t just endure change; it embraces change.


Titles by Mac Rome

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