Kim Kasch

Kim Kasch lives in Portland, Oregon, where she grew up in a family with nine kids, in a one-bathroom house. Her husband, Lars, was born and raised in Denmark.

In 1994, Kim travelled to Elsinore, Denmark to meet her husband’s family and, while she was there, they toured Hamlet’s castle. It was there that she was introduced to the other legendary Danish Prince: Holger Danske. And the inspiration for The Viking Princess was born.

Over the years, Kim couldn’t forget the striking image of the man sitting in the dark vaulted chamber in the fortress beside the dungeons of the castle. An impressive replica of the heroic Prince of Denmark, Holger Danske, is carved from stone. And it is in the shadows that his statue rests, sitting upon his eternal throne.

When she isn’t traveling with her husband, you can find her writing and reading and you can always find her pinning some of her favorite recipes, hair styles and more on Pinterest here: and tweeting pictures of some fun food and crafts here: and she’s always talking about food, friends and family here:

You can even catch her cooking here:


Her titles with Crimson Frost Books


The Viking Queen

The Viking Princess