Calida Ally

Hi, I’m Calida Ally an author and lover of anything romantic. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I can vividly recall even as a youngster, feeling the thrill and the sheer joy of staging my own creative works with siblings!

At the age of twelve, the first grown up book I read was a novel by Nora Roberts. I remember hiding in my sisters room and not putting that book down until I’d finished it. From that moment I knew I wanted to be a real writer. I wanted to create characters and stories whom readers not only fell in love with but cared about too.

I have been writing professionally from the age of sixteen. Some of my works were published by our local library in a bid to get local authors noticed.

The career choice which I followed was journalism and had to put writing aside for a while but not for long. No career gave me the satisfaction, enjoyment or the thrill which I got from writing. So I picked up my pen and began to write again.

Although I have written screenplays and dabbled in writing sit-coms, I have found that my true passion lies in writing romantic novels. There are days when I can’t wait to get up and start writing! I love the buzz of accompanying my characters on whatever journey they take me on. If my characters move me emotionally then I am happy with what I’m writing but if they don’t, then I will tweak whatever I have to until I am affected by them emotionally. 

After trying for several years to get published I got my first break from a wonderful publishing company called Crimson Frost Books. Thanks to them, I can now say my debut novel is called, Chara’s Song.

I will always be grateful to them for believing in me and my writing but most of all for making my dream come true.

I am a firm believer in going after your dream until you realize it. Even when at times your goal seems so out of reach, never give up.


Titles by Calida Ally

Chara’s Song